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Friday 27 June 2014

Guelph One Duathlon DNF to PB ½ Marathon next day

Well it was an interesting week leading up to last weekend with the Duathlon and ½ Marathon back to back.  This is going to be a longer read for you as I am writing about both of the races this weekend. I hope you enjoy my pain and enjoyment that I went through this weekend. It may sound a little rough, but I still had a fantastic weekend and knowing that I am still getting closer to my Goal of Racing 500 Miles this year and raising money for the Heart & Stroke Foundation.

Training was light as I needed a break, feeling run down and weak. Monday was an off day, Tuesday was my hill training day. There was a big storm that ripped through Toronto area, but really blasted up in Angus where a tornado ripped through about 100 houses. Wednesday I did a little brick workout, small as I knew that I was in two races over the weekend, Thursday was a light 10k run and when I woke up Friday, I started to feel under the weather a little bit. It was a nice rest day, did a few things around the house, prepped my bike and final kit packing for Guelph on Saturday.

Guelph One June 21st

Ivana and I left about 6:15 on Saturday for Guelph, made the Timmies Run then arrived in Guelph about 7:20, registered in and then prepped my area in transition to get ready for a 8:20 start of the Olympic Duathlon. It was 2K run - 40K bike and 10K run. Saw Michelle, who I came across the finish line with in Cambridge last week, setting up right near me. Ivana and I then went down to the start of the Olympic Triathlon to see them start the swim portion and then headed up to the road for my start. There was Michelle at the start, wished each other the best and then we were off.

I felt okay when we started, but about ½ km into the run just after a hill climb, my stomach was cramping and not feeling good at all.  At that point, I lost my breakfast and anything else that was there. Well maybe everything gone, I will be able to run now and I will have to get some food into me the best I can for the rest of the day.  I finished the 2K run last into transition with a 14:42 and 2:32 in transition and then off on the bike I go.

I figured I could get out about a few km's then grab some food and see what happens.  Stinger in me some water and then push. I passed a few on my way out to the 5K, then grabbed a GU and some water and then about 8km I felt that rumbling in my stomach again. I didn't even get to stop the bike and there I went again. 

Me Heading out for a 40K Ride
Headed back on the road again, a few stops as I was cramping up a bit in my back, then made the turnaround at the 20k mark and thought okay half way there.  Just past the 23k mark, pulled over and you guessed it. Again calling Ralph on the great white phone (well the side of the road) and as I jumped off my bike, laid it down all of my water and G2 poured out of my bottles, a couple drops left for me that's all.  Gained my composure, and up in the saddle again until 34k and psssssssssttt. I popped a tire. As I am trying to change the tire, sweat is just dripping off me in my face burning my eyes. I should have taken maybe the first sign on the 2k run and called it a day, but noooooo I am a little stubborn (well maybe a lot), but after the tire blow, I said I will make it back into transition and call it a day. I didn't have anything left in my tank to head out for a 10k run anyways.  I make it back and told an official that I am not continuing, handed in my chip and that was my day. 

I racked my bike and Ivana and I headed to the finish line to cheer on all the other athletes and to look for some of the other Team Running Free athletes.

It is really nice having Ivana there with me as she can get a lot of photographs (so I can eventually look back when I am not able to do this anymore) of other TRF athletes and some of the Elite ones as well.  It is also nice to be able to cross the finish line and know that she is there sharing this experience with me. She has made every race except the Buffalo ½ marathon, but she was up watching me cross the finish line via the internet as they had a live video feed and she texted me to tell me what my finishing time was. 

I saw Barbara Smiley-Goldman, TRF Markham, in transition before the race, (didn't know who she was) then saw her just after my mishap on the 2K run as she was heading back towards transition.  Barbara finished 2nd in her Age Group, Nice Job Barbara. Then at the finish line I met Ray Haywood, TRF Barrie, as he finished his Triathlon. We talked for a bit and he gave me some info regarding the upcoming Half Iron Distance in Peterborough on July 6th and what I will be in for. Thanks for the tips Ray.

MEC Toronto ½ Marathon June 22nd

So after heading to bed early after the dismal day in Guelph, I woke up late on Sunday morning, rushed around getting ready, then drove down to Tommy Thompson Park in Toronto. Ivana didn't make it with me on this lovely morning, she stayed home to work on the back patio stones. So I was off to a race without her.

There was 3 (No Swag) races going on there starting with the ½ marathon at 8:45am and then a 10K and a 5K. I arrived about 8:42, got in line with the other 10 and 5K'ers, grabbed my bib, the ½ sounded off and started, then I grabbed my chip tied on and then I was finally off and behind everyone. It was getting warm out already by this time, so I kept a slower pace not knowing how I was going to feel after yesterday.

By the 5K mark I was 36:12 feeling pretty good, grabbed some water and kept going and then turned around and headed back for the half way turn around. I was keeping a steady pace, started passing a few other runners.  The course was nice and flat with a view of the city that you only get from being out on a boat looking back to the skyline. There were a lot of pot holes in the road and a few patches of larger stones that were spread across the road as well. You had to watch your footing but other than that it was a great day to run and have a fun day.

I was only looking to be able to complete this race to add to the milage towards the year, I wasn't looking for anytime in mind at all.  I hit the 10K mark and I was 1:13:04 my best 10K and I really thought I might have a chance at attempting to maybe PB under 2:42, but I knew that as I would keep going it would get hotter and I would slow down a lot more.

Nothing exciting was happening out there on the second loop of Tommy Thompson Park, I hit the 15K mark and I started running the numbers as I was a 1:54:36. With 6K left I felt a little slow and maybe I will get there. WELL, my Garmin stopped and I didn't know what I was at now. At least they had the course well marked with K Markers and I just kept my feet turning over taking shorter strides and not walking more than 20 seconds at a time.

I was finally at the 20K mark and started to see the finish line. I could see the clock and it was showing 2:3????, I thought my mind was playing tricks on me but as I crossed the finish line it was 2:36:??  YES YES YES, I PB'd. Well when I checked online, my chip time was 2:35:25. HUGH finish and by 7 minutes better than 2 years ago.

So, here I am the day after getting a DNF in Guelph, to getting my Personal Best on a ½ by 7 minutes AND NO ONE was there to see me doing or even get a photo of me. Well MEC had their photographer there and he did take a photo of my finish but it hasn't been posted yet. I will update once it goes online. I texted a friend of mine, then called Ivana and told her.

Team Running Free, Heart & Stroke, Racing 500 Miles in 2014
MEC ½ PB 2:35:25
Well this will be a busy week with just Monday off but will be back on Tuesday getting ready for Peterborough Half Iron Distance on July 6th.

Hope everyone has a great week.  I'll post something more before Peterborough.

I want to thank all of the volunteers at Guelph and MEC Toronto for being there and making races possible for me and others who enjoy getting out there and pushing ourselves.

Damaged Heart

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